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Glenn Ballantyne

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Everybody Loves a Road Trip

Highway engineer David Miller and I created a diverse, entertaining, and simple-to-teach course for 4th-6th grade classrooms.  This learning program, "Everybody Loves a Road Trip" is an interactive game that requires students to use logic, art, science, math, cooperative social skills and imagination to unravel the mysteries of ground transportation.  This program meets state learning criteria and takes children on a colorful learning journey from ancient to future times, from the origins of socks to the latest electronics used on superhighways and ground transportation on distant planets and moons.  Please visit for more details.

Tava'-ci pa'a

Tava'-ci pa'a (Southern Ute for sun and water) is an environmental education program I created, with landscape architect Kevin Shank, that works with information from the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and focuses on modern natural and social sciences.  The program is aimed at 4th-6th grade students and, under the guidance of a teacher, stimulates students to research, discuss, explore and use hands-on techniques for making a Holistic Watershed Time Machine.  This project reveals to students how a watershed changes during the four seasons and how it changes with increases of human populations.

The purpose of this program is to teach children why and how to relate to and care for everything in a watershed.  The Holistic Watershed Time Machine curriculum fulfills state education criteria and is a living document, continually flowing with contributions from environmental professionals, classroom teachers, in-the-field researchers, Native Americans, university professors, historians, and others.  Please visit for more information about Tava'-ci pa'a.