The major benefits audiences receive from Glenn’s keynotes and workshops are being able to experience greater courage and self assurance, seeing bigger horizons, mutual cooperation, and deeper commitment.   

Inspiring Keynotes (15, 30 or 45 minutes)

Glenn knows that there is never a second chance at a first impression.  His keynotes get the audience involved from his opening sentence and hold their attention to his final word.  He is an avid reader and master storyteller. Audiences love how he includes humor and anecdotes blended with easy to relate to and use science and research.

Meaningful Workshops (2-Hour or 4-Hour)

​The 2-Hour workshop is a fun, nicely-paced, eye-opening journey through the basic principles and practical applications of each of the 5 Ancient Yoga secrets.  Drawn from the agreements of ancient wisdom and modern science, participants learn and personally experience rarely used techniques and approaches to problem solving and seeing opportunities.  Materials used in the workshop are provided as is a further study resource page.

The 4- Hour workshop has the time to go deeper into each of the 5 Ancient Yoga secrets empowering students with more information, activities, and short periods of personal reflection of how each secret can transform their thoughts, words and actions.  This workshop includes time for Q & A and an extensive list of resources.

Students with Glenn Ballantyne, coauthor Bobby Hart and jazz singer Mark Winkler at UCLA

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Keynotes & Workshops

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With a lifelong practice of yoga and meditation, combined with an extensive higher education and success in business, Glenn walks his talk.  He brings a life-changing twist to how we can all achieve success in the Digital Age by adding in ancient Vedic wisdom – a recipe of Hollywood to Sandalwood.

Glenn lives his message and his audiences recognize authenticity behind his youthful, fun, and entertaining style.  His polished art of explanation brings simplicity to understanding how to manifest breakthroughs at home and in the workplace.

Most people think of yoga as a series of postures used to strengthen and stretch the body.   But, the ancient foundation of Yoga shows us how to improve and stretch our minds.  Yoga is not a religion, but the science of self-realization that helps us understand and relate to ourselves and others.

Many people say that the most valuable result of practicing these techniques is becoming a happier person.  There is no area of your life that cannot be improved by employing these 5 ancient yoga secrets.

Your audience will have a wonderful, inspiring, and unique time and feel motivated and empowered for years, as Glenn shares the gift of how to achieve wicked awesome creativity.  

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