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Tava’-ci Pa’a 
Southern Ute name for Sun = tava’-ci and water = Pa’a

Tava’-ci pa’a is a new and different 4th – 6th grade environmental education program focusing on natural science and social sciences. This fun and interactive process, under the guidance of a teacher, stimulates students to research, discuss, explore and use hands-on techniques for making a Holistic Watershed Time Machine.

Pikes Peak is America’s mountain and the Fountain Creek watershed includes water from Pikes Peak, thus making the Fountain Creek America’s creek. The Fountain Creek watershed is the watershed used for teaching children about all watersheds wherever they exist.

It took thousands of years of Colorado sunshine and pure mountain water to create the beautiful and diverse environments along the Fountain Creek from the top of Pikes Peak (14,000 feet above sea level) to the creek’s merging with the Arkansas River (at approximately 4,000 feet above sea level).  


But, in less than the past 100 years, the Fountain Creek is at risk by pollution, erosion and increasing sediment with unnaturally high water levels. Many watersheds in the nation and world are experiencing this tragic and dangerous situation.


To help reduce the dangers to our watersheds the Fountain Creek Foundation contacted educator Glenn Ballantyne to create this unique, timely and fun classroom educational program that inspires children to learn how to understand, relate to and care for everything thing in a watershed.

This modern Holistic Watershed Time Machine curriculum is a living document continually flowing with contributions from environmental professionals, classroom teachers, in-the-field researchers, Native Americans, university professors, historians, and others. 

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